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How to Use Muscle Tone 24 Belt?

Many muscle stimulating devices in the market claim their users to achieve tighter and firmer abs in a matter of days. However, there’s only one type of device that has provided its users the desired results. EMS, also known as the electrical muscle stimulator, successfully excites your muscles electrically, causing them to contract.

Unlike the regular exercise that stimulates your muscles through the brain, electrical muscle stimulators stimulate your ab muscles thru your nerves. Fitness4Life Muscle Tone 24 belt core muscle trainer comes with ten pre-programmed workout modes and can intensify up to 40 levels.

Here’s how it works

There is a set of instruction to follow when using the muscle tone 24 belts;

  • Set the muscle tone 24 belt stimulator across your waist.
  • Center the large middle belt over your belly button, and be sure to slide it over the soft jelly like area of your abdominal muscles between your ribs and hip bones.
  • Put the smaller pads on your arms and secure them.
  • Switch on your EMS belt by using the remote attached to the kit.
  • Set the toning level according to your preference so that you can start to feel your abs contract.
  • Make sure to set the intensity according to your liking. For example, it’s always preferable to start with the lowest level and then move on to the higher ones.
  • Allow the muscle stimulator to work your abs for 15 – 20 minutes per day, five times a week if you are a new to this.
  • If you feel five times a day is too much, reduce it to 3 times per week until you get used to it.
  • Turn off the device once you’re done with your ab muscle stimulating for the day.
  • Remove the belt and store it until your next use.
  • Keep a journal of your workouts so that you know when you switch it up and go heavier and faster.

Best Used For

There are a lot of uses of the muscle tone 24 belts; here are the key ones:

Strengthening Muscles

It strengthens your muscles as well as strengthening them by going to the gym and putting hours in physical training. It improves your sporting performance.

Pain relief

This abdominal muscle stimulator gives you the relief you need and eliminates body pain. It also helps improve your posture. It is great for accelerating recovery from injury and offers you relief from cramps. Widely used for therapy, electrical muscle stimulation works wonders on people with damaged muscles.

Post Pregnancy

It helps you in getting back the body you had. EMS has shown remarkable results for women after pregnancy. It tones your body thanks to its stimulation of working on different muscle groups at the same time like glutes, hamstrings, abdominals, etc. It helps fight cellulite, strengthens your pelvic floor, and helps you lose weight.


This core muscle electric equipment fuels and improves your legs, arms, and stomach. Giving you that tone, shape, firmness, and tightening that is needed. Electrical muscle stimulations are said to improve cosmetic muscle tone.

Aid Athletic Muscles

Athletes cab benefit significantly as electrical muscle stimulation helps relax their muscles. In addition, intense physical activity can lead to muscle stiffness, and the use of EMS can increase blood flow and trigger muscle recovery.

Key Tips

  • Even though there are no side effects, one must always allow at least a few hours of rest between ab stimulating sessions.
  • The ab stimulator should feel like it’s hugging you rather than being too tight or too loose around your waist.
  • Choose the right fabric that allows the current to pass through safely; normally, cotton is a safe option.
  • Read the instructions carefully while buying any electrical muscle stimulation brand the best one for you.

Warnings to Keep In Mind

Always keep in mind there are a few limitations to using exercise muscle stimulation belts:

  • Never overdo it. If it says to use the belt for twenty minutes daily, don’t overdo it.
  • If you feel pain or discomfort while using it, stop right there.
  • If you feel the pain is still there after you’ve removed it, seek medical help.
  • Consult your physician if you feel like it before purchasing any such device.
  • Do not use this device when pregnant. Or in the delivery stage.
  • Do not use this belt if you have any electronic implants.
  • Keep this device away from children.

The Takeaway

Now that you are aware of the stress-free method of using the muscle tone 24, you can better decide what you wish to buy or do. For example, suppose you’re a beginner and hoping to work on your body to get the desired results. In that case, fortunately, this electric muscle toning belt can help without the hassle of traditional exercises and going to the gym to spend long hours of your day. You can easily use this for about twenty minutes each day and see the results, given that you follow the proper diet and do mild exercises along with it.

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